Kuusamo Airport, an important gateway for tourism in the Kuusamo region of Finland, is undergoing significant renovations by airport company Finavia. The repairs, which include the replacement of the runway lighting system and resurfacing of the apron and taxiway, will enhance safety and ensure smooth traffic flow at the airport. However, these renovations necessitate a temporary suspension of flights from 17 July to 15 August 2023.

Investing in Infrastructure for Safe and Efficient Travel

The development of Kuusamo Airport's infrastructure is aimed at supporting tourism in the region, particularly during the Christmas and winter seasons. Finavia is investing a substantial amount, totaling EUR 2.5 million, in the renovation project. The majority of the funds, approximately EUR 2 million, will be allocated to replacing the runway lighting system. In line with Finavia's climate targets and commitment to energy efficiency, the existing lights will be replaced with energy-efficient LED technology. The renovation work also includes resurfacing a section of the apron and the entire taxiway.

Temporary Flight Suspension and Alternative Airports

During the repair period, flights between Kuusamo and Helsinki will be temporarily suspended. Additionally, the terminal at Kuusamo Airport will be closed. To accommodate the needs of residents and tourists in the Kuusamo region, Rovaniemi, Kemi-Tornio, and Oulu airports will be available for air travel.

Local Employment and Collaboration

The renovation project will provide employment opportunities for 10–15 individuals in the Kuusamo region, and several local businesses are involved in its execution. Additionally, Finavia employees from Kuusamo, Oulu, and Kajaani airports will contribute to the project, showcasing collaboration within the organization.

Building Connections and Prioritizing Sustainability

Finavia is actively dedicated to expanding flight connections and developing the infrastructure and service quality of its airports to meet the needs of international passengers. The organization places a strong emphasis on sustainable development and low emissions. For tourists, the eco-friendly airports serve as a testament to responsible travel practices. Finavia's ambitious goal is to achieve net zero carbon emissions at four airports in Lapland this year, with Kuusamo Airport being among them.

Preparing for the New Winter Season

As one of Finavia's Lapland airports, Kuusamo Airport experiences year-round air traffic, with a significant increase in passenger volumes during the winter season. Following the completion of the renovation project, Kuusamo Airport will be well-prepared to serve travelers during the upcoming winter season.

The temporary suspension of flights at Kuusamo Airport may cause some inconvenience, but the renovations are essential for ensuring the long-term safety and efficiency of air travel in the region. Finavia's commitment to sustainable development and continuous improvement will contribute to a more seamless travel experience for passengers in the future.