Photo: Matti Suopajärvi


If you hit a wild animal while driving, always call the emergency number 112. Marking the accident site helps the Large Game Management Assistance (SRVA) locate an injured animal. It is important to report the wildlife accident to the emergency center. The easiest way to do so is with the 112 Suomi mobile application. Calling the emergency number starts a chain of events that ends with the Wildlife Management Association's large game assistance team retrieving the dead animal or tracking the injured one.

In the event of a wildlife accident:

  1. Take care of any injured parties.
  2. Prevent further accidents and warn other drivers with a warning triangle.
  3. Call 112.
  4. Mark the accident site.

Accurate information about the accident site is important for determining the animal's fate. You can mark the collision site with a downloadable wildlife accident sign available at

"When marking the accident site, creativity is allowed. A plastic bag or any other similar object attached to the roadside on the animal's exit side will suffice," says Reima Laaja, a game planner at the Finnish Wildlife Agency.

Sometimes accidents involving small wild animals are not reported. This can be due to the vehicle suffering only minor damage. However, an intact vehicle does not always mean the animal survived with minor injuries. Without a report, the animal cannot be found, and in the worst-case scenario, it may suffer a slow death.

"Large game assistance personnel try to assess the animal's condition in accidents. In practice, they track the wild animal using dogs and try to get information about the animal's movements and degree of injury. Severely injured animals have to be put down for animal welfare reasons," says Laaja.

During May and June, young wild animals weaned from their mothers often cause traffic accidents. They are looking for their own habitats and may wander into urban areas and busy roads.

In conclusion, it is important to report any wildlife accidents to the emergency center and mark the accident site to help the Large Game Management Assistance locate the injured animal. Accurate information about the accident site is essential in determining the animal's fate. If you encounter a wildlife accident, remember to take care of any injured parties, prevent further accidents, warn other drivers, call 112, and mark the accident site.