With summer fast approaching, many people are considering their options for staying cool during the hot weather. One popular option for cooling down apartments is an air conditioning unit. However, if you live in an apartment building and are considering installing an air conditioning unit, it’s important to know that this decision requires the approval of the housing company.

The installation of air conditioning can affect building components for which the housing company is responsible. As a result, the housing company must approve any changes made to the building.

"If air conditioning units have been previously installed in apartments and the housing company has made an approving decision in a general meeting, then the approval from the board is usually sufficient. However, the housing company can set conditions for the installation and monitoring of the device," says Tapio Haltia, legal counsel at the Finnish Real Estate Federation.

If a shareholder plans to install an air conditioning unit, they must submit a modification notice to the board or the property manager. The board then considers giving its approval and sets any conditions that may be necessary to prevent any harm or damage to the building or another shareholder.

In some cases, the housing company may prohibit the installation of an air conditioning unit. For example, if the installation extends outside the apartment and affects the facade of the building or if it creates any harm to other shareholders or the housing company, the housing company has the right to refuse the installation.

If there has not been a previous decision made regarding air conditioning installation in the housing company, it is recommended that the board make a decision before the installation of the first unit. This decision should cover aspects such as the location of the unit, management of the condensation, and liability issues. A simple majority vote is required to make this decision.

If no decision has been made before, the decision-making process in the housing company may take some time. In the worst-case scenario, it may be too late to install an air conditioning unit for the upcoming summer.

"However, it would be good if the housing company's position on air conditioning installation was already in place for the upcoming summers. This way, shareholders can quickly install air conditioning units and ensure equal treatment of all shareholders," says Tapio Haltia.

It’s essential to consult with the housing company and to adhere to its conditions and regulations when installing air conditioning units. By doing so, you can ensure the installation of your air conditioning unit will be approved, and your apartment will stay cool during the hot summer months.