Aerial view of Suvilahti event area after the completion of Event Hub. Photo by Arco Architecture Company


Helsinki is set to develop the Suvilahti area into a better event space, as part of its goal to become a lively and thriving tourism and event city. The project is scheduled to take place between 2023 and 2025, with the construction of Kaasutehtaankatu, a functional event field called Kaasutehtaankenttä, and Suvilahti Event Hub. While large events will not be held during the construction period, Suvilahti is expected to become one of Finland's best places for indoor and outdoor events throughout the year after the development is complete.

The development of the Suvilahti area is expected to begin in late summer 2023. Major events like Tuska and Flow will be held in the area this summer as per usual. From late 2023 to 2025, Kaasutehtaankatu, the Kaasutehtaankenttä event field, and Suvilahti Event Hub will be constructed. Construction on Kaasutehtaankatu and Kaasutehtaankenttä is set to begin in the fall of 2023, while Event Hub construction will begin at the end of 2023. The entire area is expected to be completed and in use by summer 2026.

According to Sanna Forsström, Head of Helsinki's Brand and Events Unit, "Future Suvilahti is a home for versatile events, not just large concerts, and the area's development will make Helsinki an even livelier event city." She added that "Suvilahti will be able to host a wide variety of events indoors and outdoors throughout the year, from flea markets to festivals."

The Suvilahti Event Hub is a new event and entertainment center being built on the site. It will offer excellent indoor facilities for events of various sizes and types throughout the year. The event space at Event Hub can accommodate 5,000 spectators, and the event quarter will have around 50,000 square meters of space for event, film and TV production, office, hotel, and restaurant facilities, among other things. The building will also feature a viewing platform facing Kaasutehtaankenttä, where visitors can watch events on the field or enjoy the scenery. Event Hub will also be very accessible by foot, bike, or public transport.

During the construction period, from 2024 to 2025, the Energiakenttä event field in the former gas plant area of Suvilahti will be open for normal events. However, large festivals such as Flow will not be held in the area during this time. The Helsinki city government has consulted with event organizers in Suvilahti during the planning phase of the area's development. For example, for Tuska Festival, the city and Tuska have attempted to solve the issue of where the festival will be held during the construction of the Event Hub.

The development of Suvilahti Event Hub and the event field is expected to enhance the organization of various events and their operational conditions. Helsinki's efforts to develop the Suvilahti area into a functional and versatile event space show its commitment to promoting tourism and cultural activities in the city. Helsinki is on track to become an even more vibrant and dynamic event city, thanks to its strategic and forward-thinking initiatives.