The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation has urged people to treat snakes with curiosity and calmness. As part of the Spring Monitoring program, snakes, such as the adder, are observed as they emerge from hibernation in the spring. Adders can be seen basking in the sun, preparing to shed their skin, after which the mating season begins. Male adders wake up in the spring earlier than females, and they can sometimes be observed wrestling with one another.

The losing adder leaves the area, and the winner starts courting females. Adder sightings are kept secret, as the snakes are classified as sensitive species. This means that their observation data is not published, but it is still important for mapping the distribution of species. The adder will be protected from the summer of 2023. The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation's member, Heikka Marttila-Tornio, urges people to be calm and curious about snakes, as they tend to avoid contact with humans and other animals as they are also prey. She notes that adders are often surrounded by misconceptions, and people should not be afraid of them. While adders are the only venomous snake species in Finland, they only use their venom in self-defense as they need it to capture prey.