Customs and Police investigate smuggling of dogs from Russia. LEHTIKUVA


Finnish authorities have recently uncovered a dog smuggling organization operating between Russia and Finland. The investigation conducted by the Finnish Customs and Police uncovered illegal importation of dogs into Finland, using fake pet documents, microchips, and smuggled medication. The case is being investigated as both smuggling and severe tax evasion.

The operation came to light when the Finnish Customs intercepted a package from Russia containing unnamed pet passports and microchips for pets.

The passports showed that the animals had received vaccinations, but the specific animal that received them was not identified.

During the investigation, Finnish authorities conducted a search and seizure operation and confiscated a considerable amount of pet-related documents and equipment used to create fake documentation, such as stamps. Nearly 50 different types of medication were also found, half of which were prescription drugs. At the time of the search, about 30 dogs were found on the premises, some of which were born in Russia, while others were born in Finland.

The suspect, who lives in Pohjanmaa, is suspected of smuggling 180 puppies between 2016 and 2021. The puppies were then sold in Finland for an average price of approximately 1,000 euros.

The case is being investigated by the Finnish Customs as two cases of smuggling and by the police as severe tax evasion and accounting fraud. The investigations are expected to conclude in the spring of 2023 and will then be transferred to the prosecutor's office for consideration of charges.

This case highlights the importance of enforcing strict regulations on pet imports, as the smuggling of animals poses a significant risk to public health and animal welfare. The use of fake documents and medication in this case further highlights the need for stricter measures to ensure the authenticity and quality of pet-related products.

It is crucial to take a stand against animal smuggling, and such cases must be dealt with firmly to deter future smuggling attempts. The Finnish authorities' efforts to combat animal smuggling are commendable, and they must continue to prioritize the protection of animals and the safety of the public.