From now on, shared electric scooters and bicycles may only be parked in designated places in the city centre and parts of the inner city. Leaving an electric scooter or bicycle in other places in the area is unequivocally a parking violation.

The parking reform will be implemented with regional road signs prohibiting the parking of shared electric scooters and bicycles.

The restricted area covers the Hesperia Esplanade and the area south of the Pitkäsilta bridge in the city centre. The western border runs along the Lauttasaari bridge.

The area of restricted parking.

The restricted area will be marked using road signs with text located at the borders of the area. The available parking spaces will be marked with separate road signs. The parking areas will also be shown in the operator-specific applications.

The city deliberately opted to prohibit stopping to prevent any ambiguity among the operators and scooter users as to the rules applied outside the designated areas. The prohibition also means that short-term stopping to run an errand, for example, is only allowed in the separately marked micromobility parking spaces.

250 parking areas in the city centre

The parking spaces will be on squares, marketplaces and roadside parking areas. About 130 of the estimated 250 parking areas will be in car parking places. The marking of the parking areas will start at the beginning of April.

Six operators operating in the centre

The city has agreements with the companies renting electric scooters. The agreements specify the compensation for the use of the parking areas and the maximum number of vehicles by an operator in the restricted area.

The six operators operating in the restricted area are Voi, Tier, Lime, Ryde, Bird and Bolt. Each operator can have a maximum of 700 electric scooters in the restricted area. The city monitors compliance with the agreements.

The Urban Environment Committee decided on the reform in its meeting on 21 March.


Source: Helsinki City, Urban Environment Division