Maintenance fees for apartment buildings are increasing rapidly in Finland, according to a survey conducted by the Finnish Real Estate Federation. The survey revealed that more than 20% of housing companies are threatened by the increase in maintenance costs, with just over 2% facing significant risk. Although the majority of housing companies believe their financial situation is stable, the cost of living varies significantly from municipality to municipality.

In Helsinki and Turku, the maintenance fee for apartment buildings is expected to rise by 9% in 2023, while in Jyväskylä and Lahti it will rise by 3-4%. The survey also found that eight percent of respondents have used a credit account or taken out a maintenance loan to cover their costs. Despite the increase in maintenance fees, the survey found that the increase in outstanding payments has remained modest, with 72% of respondents reporting that their outstanding payments had remained stable. Around 70% of housing companies have not had to collect additional maintenance fees.