A recent survey conducted by the A-Clinic Foundation reveals that 40% of Finns would accept a supervised drug consumption room in their hometowns. The results of the survey also show that there is a conflicting attitude towards drug users in Finland. While 52% of respondents believe that drug use should be considered a criminal act, 44% prefer to use the term “narkomaani,” which means drug addict in Finnish, instead of using the term “huumeiden käyttäjä,” or drug user.

The survey also highlights the need for more information on the nature of addiction, as Finland is still one of the leading European countries in the number of young people dying from drug use.

The acting CEO of A-Clinic Foundation, Hanna Paikkala, emphasizes that drug addiction is a disease that cannot be cured by judgment but through support. Paikkala states that many people consider drug addiction as a criminal problem, and this perception needs to change. She also points out that drug users are not second-class citizens, and the solutions to the problem must focus on protecting human life and building a more humane society.

The survey also shows that 45% of respondents support the establishment of supervised drug consumption rooms, with 40% being willing to have a drug consumption room in their hometowns. The high percentage of supporters indicates that Finns are becoming increasingly aware that drug addiction is a problem that can also affect their local communities.

Paikkala also stresses that the stigmatization of drug addiction needs to be addressed, as it creates barriers to people seeking support and treatment. She calls for the decriminalization of drug use, which would enable more drug users to seek the necessary help.

Moreover, the survey results suggest that drug attitudes in Finland have become highly politicized, with a clear division between right and left-leaning voters. This observation is particularly important as the country prepares for its upcoming parliamentary elections.

In conclusion, the survey reveals the conflicting attitudes towards drug users in Finland and emphasizes the need for more information on addiction. The high percentage of supporters for supervised drug consumption rooms in the country indicates that more people are becoming aware of the need to address the problem of drug addiction. Decriminalization of drug use and the elimination of the stigma attached to drug addiction are essential steps towards building a more humane society.