Customs and the Police have uncovered an extensive organization that imported narcotics to the Åland Islands. The authorities have seized several kilograms of narcotics from individuals who arrived in Åland from Sweden, suspecting that other consignments of narcotics are linked with the case. The uncovered criminal case involving narcotics is one of the most extensive and organized in the history of Åland.

The cooperation between Customs and the Police Authority of Åland started in 2022 to investigate the narcotics crime situation in Åland. During the cooperation, Customs officers stopped a person arriving in Åland from Sweden at the Port of Eckerö, where they seized about 2.9 kilograms of hashish found in the vehicle. The importer, a resident of mainland Finland, was detained on suspicion of an aggravated narcotics offense but was released later. Customs suspected that the consignment of narcotics was meant to be distributed in Åland.

In late 2022, the preliminary investigation by Customs and the Police also uncovered three other occasions of import, and authorities seized a large quantity of narcotics and medicine tablets classified as narcotic substances. In total, Customs and the Police seized about 3.9 kilograms of hashish, 110 grams of cocaine, and 2,000 narcotic medicine tablets on separate occasions of import. Nine persons are suspected of being linked to the case. Customs and the Police are investigating the case as a series of several aggravated narcotics offenses.

The preliminary investigation by Customs and the Police uncovered several other occurrences of import and distribution of narcotics in addition to the already mentioned cases. One of the couriers involved made two previous smuggling trips to Åland, involving the import and subsequent distribution of 3,000 narcotic medicine tablets, an unknown quantity of hashish, and 100 grams of cocaine. The preliminary investigation also revealed a case involving import and distribution of Rivotril narcotic medicine tablets, which the authorities suspect took place in September.

The criminal organization operated so that couriers first picked up the narcotics from Sweden, and then the substances were distributed in Åland by a small circle of people. Seven of the suspects live in Åland, and two suspects live in mainland Finland. The seized and distributed narcotics correspond to more than 26,000 doses.

Moreover, the Police suspect one of the persons involved in the case of threatening a witness. The person in question is suspected of having made threats of violence against a co-suspect due to the latter's statement in the preliminary investigation.

Several persons have been detained during the preliminary investigation of the case. Two of the persons involved are still detained. During the preliminary investigation, Finnish Customs has cooperated with Swedish Customs and Police, among other authorities. The preliminary investigation is concluded, and the matter has been forwarded to the prosecutor's office of Åland for consideration of charges.

This case serves as a warning to those who engage in the illegal import and distribution of narcotics that authorities will not tolerate such behavior. The Customs and Police are working tirelessly to ensure that such criminal activities are stopped and that those involved are held accountable for their actions. The cooperation between Customs and the Police Authority of Åland has been crucial in uncovering the criminal organization, and further cooperation between authorities is needed to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.