One of the properties for sale is a restaurant located on the Klippan island in front of Kaivopuisto park. Picture by Kim Öhman / Helsinki Partners


The city of Helsinki is preparing to sell eleven buildings that no longer serve its own service production needs. The list of buildings includes Kaivohuone and Klippan, both of which are currently used as restaurants, as well as Kulosaari Manor's buildings. The sale plan will be reviewed by the City Environment Committee on March 7th.

Some of the buildings will be sold through a bidding process, while others will be sold through negotiation.

The sale of the buildings is planned to begin this year if the committee approves the plan.

The buildings being sold include restaurants, rehabilitation facilities, and residential buildings. The Kaivohuone and Klippan, both located in Kaivopuisto Park, will be sold through a bidding process and will continue to be used as restaurants.

The Kulosaari Manor buildings, which are protected, are planned to be sold for tourism and event use. The sale plan also includes two historic buildings in East Helsinki, Villa Solvik and Rastilan Manor.

The buildings currently used for rehabilitation in Malmi are also planned to be sold. Malmikoti Kunnantiellä and Malmin päivätoimintakeskus Vanhalla Helsingintiellä are suggested to be sold through negotiation for social and health care use.

The city of Helsinki plans to divest itself of buildings that it no longer needs for its services or for which there are no other strategic reasons to maintain ownership. The city's assets can thus be directed primarily towards the maintenance and renovation of schools, day-care centers, and other service buildings.

The buildings will be selected for sale based on their condition and development potential. The eleven buildings being proposed for sale will require significant renovations or have immediate renovation needs. The city estimates that the buildings' calculated repair debt is approximately EUR 7.7 million. Repair debt refers to the amount required to renovate the buildings to a reasonable state of use.

In addition to the buildings being proposed for sale, the city of Helsinki plans to sell more buildings in the future as part of its divestment program. This program aims to ensure that the city's assets are used more efficiently and effectively. The sale of these buildings will provide an opportunity for new businesses and investors to invest in Helsinki's real estate market.