Ukrainian refugees. Photo: Mirek Pruchnicki


Smooth and easy services are being provided to immigrants fleeing the war in Ukraine who want to apply for a municipality of residence in Finland. From March onward, some 13,000 Ukrainians who have been living in Finland for a year will be able to apply for a municipality of residence online without physically visiting an agency. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency is introducing online services to make it easier for applicants to submit their applications and providing advice in Ukrainian to help them through the process.

A municipality of residence is essential for immigrants as it enables them to access municipal services, including health and social services, childcare and education, and social welfare benefits. The municipality of residence is determined based on the applicant's place of residence, and it is not compulsory to apply. The application is voluntary, but it is highly recommended for those who wish to stay in Finland for an extended period.

The DVV has been preparing to process thousands of applications for a municipality of residence in the spring as 47,000 Ukrainians have fled to Finland to escape the war. The digitalization of the application process will enable applicants to complete the process online, making it more comfortable and convenient for them. This is especially important for those who may be stressed due to the difficult circumstances that led them to leave their homeland.

DVV Director General Timo Salovaara has stated that the agency has been preparing for this service for months and working with various ministries and agencies to ensure its success. DVV is committed to making the process as easy as possible, and Ukrainian-speaking advisors will be available to help with any questions related to the application.

Having a municipality of residence does not affect citizenship and is not an obstacle if the applicant wants to return to Ukraine later. However, it brings with it certain rights and obligations, such as access to municipal services, and it is essential to integrate into Finnish society. For those who have fled Ukraine, having a municipality of residence is an important step towards independence and a better future.

In conclusion, the online application service for a municipality of residence is an important step towards making the lives of immigrants fleeing the war in Ukraine easier. It will enable them to access municipal services and contribute to Finnish society. With the support and guidance of the DVV, they will be able to apply online and receive the advice they need to complete the process.

For those who have fled Ukraine, DVV has prepared guidelines and a website on which the application form will also be published in March.