The Left Alliance office building in Sörnäinen, Helsinki on the 16th of February 2023. Police reported of being contancted about a suspicious package in the Left Alliance office. The office has been evacuated and police investigation is ongoing. LEHTIKUVA


On Thursday morning, February 16, a package was found at the Left Alliance party office that contained an object resembling an explosive. This prompted the office to contact the police. Once the police arrived and inspected the object, the office and its surrounding area were evacuated. After the investigation, the police confirmed that the object was ultimately harmless.

"We are, of course, relieved that the object was not a functioning explosive.

However, sending such an object is a heinous act of election interference and degradation of democracy. It also wastes law enforcement resources, as a large number of rescue personnel and police had to be sent to the scene," commented Left Alliance party secretary Mäkipää.

The investigation into the object continues, and the case is being treated as an illegal threat at the moment.

"Fortunately, we can now continue our work and also process the event with our employees," Mäkipää continued. "The elections are approaching, and despite the threats, our work towards a fairer future continues."