The Tax Administration will carry out a system upgrade for MyTax during the coming weekend. The service will be down and users cannot log in to take care of their tax matters. The Tax Administration advises taxpayers to take care of their tax matters during the first days of the week.

The service break will start on Friday 18 November at 3.30 pm and end on Monday 21 November at 9 am.

The reason for the service break is a system upgrade that will introduce new features to MyTax and improve the accessibility of the service.

“We are constantly developing MyTax based on our development plan and the customer understanding we have gathered. We carry out a large-scale system upgrade once a year to release major changes into production. November has proven to be a good time for the upgrade as the previous year’s taxation has been completed by then”, says Joonas Jarva, Product Owner of MyTax.

Reinstating payment arrangements in MyTax

In recent years, MyTax has undergone extensive development and the service has been extended to cover new tax types. However, this upgrade will not include such large-scale changes, says Jarva.
“After the upgrade, the biggest changes for MyTax users will include a feature that allows the user to identify for the telephone service via MyTax and the possibility to reinstate a lapsed payment arrangement in MyTax.”

A comprehensive list on the effects of the upgrade is available on tax.fi.

There will be another weekend-long service break in February, during which the Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS) will be moved to MyTax. At present, EMCS is maintained by Customs.

Request a tax card and get payment references before the weekend

Jarva points out that you cannot request a tax card in MyTax during the service break. In addition, you cannot pay taxes or get payment details in the service during the break.
“If you need to pay taxes, you should log in to MyTax and get the payment details before the service break and pay the taxes in your online bank”, Jarva says.


Source: Finnish Tax Administration