According to Asuntosäätiö’s Happiness at Home survey, home has the greatest impact on the happiness of Finns, alongside health and relationships. According to the recent survey, the general happiness of Finns is on the decline, and the feelings experienced at home have undergone a change. The national Home Day is celebrated on Saturday, 8 October – the importance of the home is emphasised during difficult times.

For the second time, Asuntosäätiö’s Happiness at Home survey investigated Finns’ state of happiness and the importance of the home. According to the results, the home is directly connected to happiness. Home was brought up as the second most important source of happiness, right after health. The importance of health has decreased slightly from last year as the coronavirus pandemic subsided.

The barometer measuring general happiness is still high, as almost three out of four respondents say that they are happy with their lives. However, compared to last year’s Happiness at Home survey, the happiness of Finns is on the decline.

Feelings of peace, happiness and joy are experienced the most at home. Compared to last year, positive feelings are experienced slightly less, and feelings of anxiety, depression and insecurity have become more common. The experience of loneliness has also increased.

“The survey shows that world events also have an impact on Finnish homes. The home is an irreplaceably important safe haven in uncertain times,” says Johanna Otranen, Head of Communications and Marketing at Asuntosäätiö.

A sense of community increases the experience of happiness

Although a clear majority of Finns (71%) report that they are most comfortable by themselves or with their family, the Happiness at Home survey shows that communities are an important source of happiness.

According to the survey, community members are clearly happier than average. Happiness is increased by all kinds of communities, from the neighbourhood to hobby groups, sports clubs and ideological organisations.

The national Home Day invites you to spend time at home on Saturday, 8 October

The national Home Day is celebrated in Finland on Saturday, 8 October.

“According to the Happiness at Home survey, Saturday is the favourite day of Finns. On Saturdays, we also typically spend the most time at home. The importance of the home in life is undeniable, which is why it deserves its own day of celebration. You can celebrate Home Day easily by simply staying at home – enjoy the peace or have coffee with a neighbour. You can share your celebration on social media with the hashtag #kodinpäivä,” says Johanna Otranen.

For the second time, Asuntosäätiö’s Happiness at Home survey investigated the sources of happiness in Finland, and the role of the home in particular. A sample of 1,068 respondents representing Finns aged 18–69 took part in the Happiness at Home survey conducted in August 2022.


Source: Asuntosäätiö