A view of the Pasila Train Factory area. The object of the competition, the Electric Train Building property on Teollisuuskatu, is featured in the middle. Photo: Ufacik & Partners Oy


A hotel and headquarters quality office facility are being planned to replace the Electric Train Building of the Pasila Machine Shop Area. You can share your views on the competition proposals in the Voice your opinion service until 23 October 2022.

A hotel and an office facility are being planned to replace the Electric Train Building, located on Teollisuuskatu in the Pasila Machine Shop Area.

The owner of the property, The Train Factory Oy, has organised an architectural competition for the design of the new building. A total of five architectural agencies were invited to take part in the international competition, held in cooperation with the City of Helsinki and the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA).

The aim for the competition is to find a design solution suitable for the project site with a new more efficient land use solution that becomes a natural part of the city structure and a nationally significant built cultural environment. At the same time, the new building complex should support the future development of the Teollisuuskatu axis as Helsinki's central workplace and downtown area and improve the quality and connections of the area's pedestrian realm.

You can submit your opinions on the competition entries until 23 October

You can examine the competition proposals in the Voice your opinion service from 4 October to 23 October 2022. The City of Helsinki is hoping for its residents to provide their views on what is good about the proposals and what needs further development. The competition proposals will also be displayed in the lobby of Helsinki Urban Environment House (excl. 10 Oct from 2 pm till 11 Oct 11.30 am). Address is Työpajankatu 8 at Kalasatama district.

Respondents are also asked to think about whether the plan presented supports the development of the Teollisuuskatu area as a central workplace area and an expansion of the city centre. Or, is the plan suited to be part of the historically valuable Pasila Machine Shop Area? Respondents can also vote for their favourite proposal in the survey. The presentation texts are available in Finnish and English, while the actual proposals are in English, as the architectural competition is international.

The comments received through the survey will be submitted to the jury before the winner is selected in late October 2022. Once the competition is over, the planning of the area will continue with the preparation of a detailed plan proposal, in which the winning proposal will serve as the basis. The City will report on the progress of the planning process separately in early winter 2023.


Source: Helsinki City, Urban Environment Division