The future of Merihaka is currently being planned. Photo: Susa Junnola


The City of Helsinki will open a three-day pop-up point at Merihaka on 12–14 September 2022, giving residents the opportunity to explore the future development plans of Merihaka and give their feedback. City planners will be present to discuss the plans.

The pop-up point will be located at Merihaka Kylätupa at Haapaniemenkatu 14.

There will be no scheduled programme at the pop-up point but residents will be welcome to explore conceptual renderings and models during the opening hours:

Monday 12 September 14:00–19:00
Tuesday 13 September 14:00–19:00
Wednesday 14 September 10:00–15:00

Respond to a survey on the development of Merihaka by 30 September

Give us your comments on the alternative future scenarios for Merihaka in our online survey or in the Open Cities Planner by 30 September 2022. Residents are also welcome to give their feedback on the plans at the pop-up point.

The sketches presented are preliminary ideas for the possible development of the Merihaka area. The Open Cities Planner presents three different scenarios with varying extent and location of development. Respondents can also share their views on Merihaka’s current situation and make requests regarding the future of the area. The feedback received through the Open Cities Planner will be processed together with the comments from the survey.

Planning principles of Merihaka to be prepared based on interaction with residents

The September pop-up events are part of the preparatory work that will form the basis for the planning principles of the entire Merihaka area. Alternative development opportunities for Merihaka will be explored at the events together with local residents and operators in the area.

The planning principles of Merihaka, drawn up based on this interaction, will guide the development and planning of the area. Among other things, the planning principles will highlight the characteristics of the area, locations to be preserved and other factors guiding the development work. A draft version of the planning principles will be put on public display and made available for comments in early 2023.

Once the planning principles are completed, landowners may apply for plan alterations that will enable construction, demolition, development of park or yard areas, changes in purpose of use or other developments or changes in the area. Individual plan changes can also be influenced as part of the process.


Source: City of Helsinki