The capital of Finland, Helsinki, is filled with great opportunities. This is why more and more people consider moving there each year. It has a lot of career prospects, and the city is also full of fun options for recreational time.

Some people move to Helsinki for work, while others simply crave the capital's vibrancy.

Regardless of the reason for moving, some things should be considered beforehand. Depending on where you move from, Helsinki can be a significant change from what one is used to, which can show in plenty of ways.

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Living in Helsinki can be expensive

Helsinki is a great city to live in. There is one disadvantage though: the price of the apartments. Buying as well as renting an apartment in Helsinki can be surprisingly expensive. To get the expenses for buying a flat in Helsinki, many consider taking a loan. Most people simply don’t have the required money in their pocket to buy a whole apartment.

Nightlife in Helsinki is exciting

Helsinki has the urgency of any capital, but it is also calm enough to relax. For those who like nightlife, the good news is that in this city every evening is full of thrilling events. Sometimes though, all this can feel a bit loud or even overwhelming.

Especially if one moves from a smaller town to Helsinki, the busy nightlife can seem a bit too much. This is something that should be taken into consideration beforehand. Investing in a quality, soundproof system can be an option, or simply moving further away from the city centre.

Also, one might be surprised how much partying in Helsinki costs. Budgeting a night out is crucial so you don’t overspend on one night out. This way, you can control your spending while you experience everything Helsinki nightlife offers.

Helsinki is easy to leave behind

There are many fantastic things about living in Helsinki. Still, one of the best is that you can easily leave it behind for a short period.

Helsinki-Vantaa airport offers an easy way to fly off to other countries. One can also opt for a cruise to Stockholm or Tallinn. If you are in need of an extended vacation to get rid of Helsinki dust, you might need a bigger budget. Take this into consideration when planning your trip, and then even the return to Helsinki will be stress-free.

Despite the high cost of living, Helsinki is still a great city to live in. There are many job opportunities and the city offers a great quality of life. If you can afford it, Helsinki is definitely worth considering as your new home! In fact, Helsinki is the second most popular choice when it comes to Finns relocating to new cities.