Parents who receive private day care allowance payments must notify Kela of any changes in their child care arrangements during the summer or early autumn. Such changes may be relevant to the payment of the allowance. The notification can be made conveniently online. Changes to child care arrangements for the summer should be notified as soon as possible so that Kela does not overpay the allowance. Typical changes to child care arrangements in the summer and early autumn include:

  • changes in daily care times
  • changes in the day care fee
  • new day care site or provider
  • the child starts early childhood education arranged by the municipality
  • the child starts preschool or a two-year preschool trial.

The notification is not necessary if there are no changes in the child care arrangements, or if the child is in municipally arranged early childhood education or if the parents are paid a child home care allowance.

Kela pays private day care allowance on the basis of the care agreement. The maximum amount of the allowance is equal to the agreed day care fee. The allowance is in all cases paid directly to the provider of early childhood education.

If there is a change in the daily care times or if the child is temporarily away from early childhood education, Kela can continue to pay the private day care allowance. Based on agreement between the parents and the provider of early childhood education, the payment made by the parents can be deferred temporarily while the notified change remains in effect. Even if the parents do not pay a day care fee, the payment from Kela to the provider of early childhood education can continue normally.

Notify the changes online

The notification of changes can be made online at (in Finnish) or (in Swedish). To log in to the online service, use your online banking credentials or a mobile ID. Alternatively, parents can call the customer service number for families with children, 020 634 2650.

Source: Kela