The certification is the first of its kind in Finland and a significant indication of the quality of HUS's gynecological oncology training.

HUS's gynecological oncology training programme for specializing physicians is the first to receive the ESGO quality certification in Finland.

Chief Physician of Gynecological Oncology Mikko Loukovaara considers the certification particularly important for the large Comprehensive Cancer Center, as it is a guarantee of the quality of training. Accreditation also brings visibility to Finnish education.

The ESGO quality certification has been granted to over 100 European cancer centers, but this is Finland's first.

"This is new for Finland, and HUS is the first accredited university hospital. We are a leader in the field. Now we are a part of the ESGO family," says Loukovaara.

Being Finland's largest gynecological oncology center, which contributes to maintaining and developing high-quality care and training, was considered to be HUS's strength. The facilities were considered well equipped and the capacities for providing multidisciplinary care well. HUS also received praise for highly motivated trainees and good team spirit.

ESGO (European Society of Gynaecological Oncology) is a European umbrella organisation for gynecological oncology, and its aim is to promote the treatment of gynecological cancer patients and research and training in the field.

Source: Helsinki University Hospital (HUS)