YIT has concluded the co-operation negotiations concerning white collar employees in Finland. The co-operation negotiations covered the transition to a more efficient, competitive, and customer-oriented operating model, as well as the implications on personnel and options related to the planned change.

The organisational changes to operate according to the new operating model have now started and they will be effective as of 1 January 2022. The estimated number of personnel to be reduced is at the maximum of 230 employees in the whole YIT Group and at the maximum of 190 employees in Finland. 

In Finland, approximately 110 reductions will be achieved through redundancies and the rest through voluntary departures, terminations of fixed-term employments and retirements. The final number will be specified as the measures progress. Reduction needs do not concern white-collar workers in production jobs and blue-collar employees working at construction sites.

YIT group employs about 7,700 people, of which 4,400 in Finland.

Source: YIT Corporation