Earlier this year, Kela published a series of yearly updated benefit guides in Finnish, Swedish and Sami. They have now been published also in English, Russian and Estonian. The English-, Russian- and Estonian-language guides are updated every two years. A guide on benefits for students and conscripts will be updated and published separately at a later time.

Each benefit guide focuses on a specific category of benefits available from Kela:
    •    Pensions and retirement
    •    Families with children
    •    Moving to or from Finland
    •    Students and conscripts
    •    Health and rehabilitation
    •    Social assistance
    •    Unemployment
    •    General housing allowance.

Based on a plain-language source text

The translations of the benefit guides are based on a source text written in plain Finnish, in which the content, vocabulary and sentence structures have been further clarified for easy readability. A source text written in plain language is therefore a good starting point for translations.

The translated versions can be particularly useful to persons who have only recently moved to Finland and do not yet understand Finnish. To facilitate the integration process, it is important especially early on to have access to material written in a familiar language. As they acquire more language skills, readers can move on to Kela’s websites and brochures, which feature text in plain Finnish and Swedish.

Printed copies can be ordered from Kela

Kela’s benefit guides are available at Kela’s service points and at citizen service centres. Partners can order copies by email from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The minimum order is 10 copies per brochure.

The 2021 editions of the benefit guides are also available at

Source: Kela