Clewat Oy


In cooperation with Clewat Oy, the City of Helsinki's construction service company Stara is testing a new type of snow melting device in the vicinity of the Viikki snow receiving site. The aim is to find solutions for handling snow by district and thus reduce the need to transport snow in the Urban Area.

Stara will test the device for about a month beginning on 15.2. During the experiment, about 1,000 truck snow will be melted. The electric device uses the power of flowing water and the temperature of the seawater to melt the snow. The melter can filter almost all debris from the snow, even some of the microplastics. Melting snow reduces the need to transport it, which has a positive impact on the environment.

- We are now testing this device in order to get more detailed information about its cleaning ability and suitability for Helsinki's conditions and urban structure. We strive to find snow handling solutions that are especially suitable for beaches. When we are looking for new environmentally friendly solutions for the management of urban areas, such quick experiments are important, says Tero Koppinen, Production Manager of Urban Technology at Stara.

Stara's goal is to introduce district-specific environmentally friendly solutions that support snow handling by 2023. The goal is shared with the urban environment industry. Stara is also involved in four other snow handling experiments with the urban environment industry.

Source: Stara