Marko Forss, the detective chief inspector in charge of the pre-trial inquiry at Helsinki Police Department, attended the detention hearing remotely. (Jussi Nukari – Lehtikuva)


THE DISTRICT COURT of Helsinki on Thursday detained three 16-year-old boys on probable cause of the murder of a boy of the same age.

The suspected homicide took place on the premises of a hospital in Koskela, a northern neighbourhood of the Finnish capital, on Friday, 4 December. The body of the victim was found at the presumed scene of the homicide and the three suspects brought into custody on Monday.

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The detention hearing was held behind closed doors and all documents pertaining to the case declared classified, according to Helsingin Sanomat. Charges against the suspects must be brought by 5 February 2021.

Helsinki Police Department stated yesterday that its officers will continue to interrogate the subjects but have yet to determine the motive for what was previously described as a cruel and brutal killing.

It also revealed that the woman who yelled something at the boys at the time of the incident has contacted the police. People who may have seen the suspects are nevertheless urged to report any information to the youth crime team at Helsinki Police Department.

No further information about the case will be provided due to the pre-trial investigation still being in its infancy.

CORRECTION: An unedited version of this story inaccurately stated that the homicide took place on 5 December.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT