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A collage of surveillance camera photos of men wanted in connection with the incident released by Helsinki Police Department. (Handout / Helsinki Police Department)


HELSINKI POLICE DEPARTMENT has released surveillance camera photos of five men wanted in connection with a fight that took place outside Kaivohuone, a restaurant in Kaivopuisto Park in Helsinki, on Sunday, 5 July.

The fight caused the death of a man born in 2001 and injuries to four others.

Helsinki Police Department on Tuesday admitted it has yet to both identify and reach the suspects and asked the public to report any sightings of the sequence of events and information about the individuals shown in the photos.

“We have reason to suspect several people of offences based on the information we have obtained so far. The aim of the pre-trial investigation is to determine the role of each person in the incident,” commented Jukka Larkio, the detective chief inspector in charge of the inquiry at Helsinki Police Department.

Larkio told Helsingin Sanomat that the surveillance camera photos were released because the investigators have practically no other information on the suspects.

“It’s not like they’re keeping us up to date on their goings-on,” he said.

The fight occurred as the restaurant was about to close for the night, shortly after 1am on Sunday. A group of men were about to leave the restaurant when one of them was hit for apparently no reason by one member of a group of men of foreign backgrounds, according to Helsinki Police Department.

The scuffle continued outside the restaurant, but the other group remained passive and went their separate ways before noticing that one of their companions was being hit and kicked roughly 50 metres outside the restaurant entrance. Members of the group tried to intervene, but the men of foreign backgrounds prevented them from doing so, assaulting anyone who tried.

One of the victims was pronounced dead a day later.

“The case is being investigated as assault and negligent homicide because one of the victims died of the injuries he sustained on the night following the incident, between Sunday and Monday,” told Larkio. “The victims and assailants did not know one another in advance.”

Aleksi Teivainen – HT