A forensic scientist and police officer examined the scene of an apparently accidental shooting in downtown Helsinki on Wednesday, 8 July 2020. (Vesa Moilanen – Lehtikuva)


OFFICERS at Helsinki Police Department have shed further light on the shooting that occurred in bar Pataässä in Helsinki on Wednesday.

A spokesperson at the police department revealed yesterday that the victim of the shooting was a man born in 1970. The victim was taken to a hospital with a gunshot wound in his thigh and remained in medical care with non-life-threatening injuries yesterday evening.

The bar had a few dozen customers at the time of the incident, shortly before 10pm on Wednesday.

The responding police officers brought four people in their late teens and early-to-mid 20s into custody in the bar and its vicinity on suspicion of aggravated assault. They have since been interrogated and released from custody. Also the unlicensed firearm used in the incident was discovered near the establishment, but the police have yet to determine how and where it was obtained.

“The pre-trial investigation has found that the shooting was apparently accidental,” told Kirsi Kanth, the detective chief inspector in charge of the inquiry at Helsinki Police Department.

“The unlicensed small-bore weapon was carried by a man born in 1994. He managed to discharge the weapon while twiddling it in the pocket of his trousers. The victim was sitting nearby and the bullet hit him in the thigh.”

The suspect sneaked out of the restaurant after the incident and hid the firearm nearby. The incident is being investigated as grossly negligent bodily injury, firearm offence and imperilment.

The shooting came as a complete surprise to the victim. The investigators are presently unaware of any interaction between him and the offenders before or after the incident.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT