Pedestrians in Helsinki on 27 October 2020. (Teemu Salonen – Lehtikuva)


TWO YEARS has passed since a pedestrian last died in a road traffic accident in Helsinki, reports Helsingin Sanomat.

Dennis Pasterstein, the superintendent in charge of traffic safety at Helsinki Police Department, on Monday tweeted that his own notes indicate that the last traffic accident that claimed the life of a pedestrian in the city occurred in April 2018.

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“That’s more than two years ago – astonishing! The good result can be attributed to safe infrastructure, motorists’ attitudes and credible [traffic] monitoring,” he stated.

His excitement is warranted also according to data provided by Statistics Finland. Helsingin Sanomat on Monday highlighted that the situation has improved dramatically despite a three-fold increase in road traffic volume since the mid-1960s: in 1967, for example, 55 pedestrians lost their lives in traffic accidents in the Finnish capital.

Traffic safety in the country has improved over the years due to the introduction of stricter speeding limits, the development of car safety features and advances in first-aid knowledge and care, according to the newspaper.

Helsinki Police Department has reminded that around 400–500 pedestrians are nonetheless injured annually in accidents on the roads of Helsinki.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT