The city of Helsinki just announced that there have been cases of Covid-19 in 18 public daycares operating in the city. So far 24 employees belonging to different working groups have tested positive. Additionally, 2 kids who were cared in the daycares have tested positive. Some of the infected have already recovered. 

Daycares were the infections were discovered are situated in different parts of the city. Officials have taken all possible percussions to prevent the spread of the infection and advised parents to be in contact with the healthcare staff in case they observe symptoms typical of Covid-19 disease. Based on the available information, it is assumed that daycare employees got infected outside daycares.

The city of Helsinki is operating 336 daycares wich take care of 27 000 kids in normal conditions, but only about 20% are using the service at the moment.



Image: Lehtikuva