During a power outage, you should avoid draining water into the sewer to avoid flooding the sewers. It is advisable not to flush the toilet and to collect water from the tap in a bucket. During a power outage, water supply may continue for some time or stop immediately. It is advisable to follow the information of the water supply company in your area and follow its instructions, as the instructions may vary from region to region.

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People at Market Square in Helsinki. LEHTIKUVA

A recent comparison by Nordea reveals a significant disparity in summer vacation budgets between Swedes and Finns, with Swedes planning to spend twice as much as their Finnish counterparts. The study shows that the average Swede's summer vacation budget is approximately €2,000 (23,000 Swedish kronor), while Finns plan to spend just over €1,000.

This year, the Swedish summer vacation budget has increased by 4%, whereas the Finnish budget has decreased by 17% compared to last year.

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A recent study reveals a curious phenomenon: people perform better on tasks when they believe artificial intelligence (AI) is assisting them, even when informed that the AI could degrade their performance. This "AI placebo effect" persists regardless of the system's purported reliability.

Researchers conducted an experiment involving two groups tasked with matching pairs of letters appearing at varying speeds on a screen.

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Finance Minister Riikka Purra at a plenary session of Parliament in Helsinki on May 22, 2024. LEHTIKUVA

A recent study from the University of Helsinki reveals how female political leaders Marine Le Pen and Riikka Purra utilize the themes of gender and perceived threats to bolster their roles within right-wing populist parties. The research indicates that framing issues like Islam and feminism as threats allows these leaders to advocate for both men's and women's rights, enhancing their appeal across a broad spectrum of supporters.

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Tax office on Hämeentie in Helsinki. LEHTIKUVA

A recent doctoral thesis by Jori Grym sheds light on the moral motivations that drive people to either pay taxes or evade them, highlighting the influence of communal values and emerging financial technologies on these behaviors. Grym's research, which explores the deeper psychological reasons behind tax compliance and evasion, suggests that a person’s sense of community plays a crucial role in their willingness to contribute to public coffers, whereas adherence to rules strongly influences their judgment of tax evasion.

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The homepage of the paid streaming service Max on a laptop screen in Helsinki on July 3, 2024. LEHTIKUVA

A recent study reveals a significant rise in the use of TV and movie streaming services across the Nordic countries. According to the Polaris Nordic: Digital Music in the Nordics 2024 study by Teosto, Norway's TONO, and Denmark's Koda, 86% of Finns and an average of 89% of Nordics aged 12-65 now use streaming services. In Finland, this marks a 4% increase from two years ago. Notably, the public service platform Yle Areena has seen a remarkable 17% increase in viewership over the same period.

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79% have increased their cycling after acquiring a benefit bike. Photo: Vapaus

A recent Finnish study reveals that employees using bicycles obtained through workplace benefits log significantly more miles than the average cyclist in Finland. According to Vapaus, a service provider for employee benefit bicycles, these users average 1,217 kilometers annually compared to the national average of 234 kilometers.

The study, "State of the Benefit Bikes in Finland 2024," involved feedback from nearly 4,600 benefit bike users across the country, indicating a robust adoption of cycling boosted by employer support.

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The marine research vessel Aranda at sea, January 2024. Photo: Ilkka Lastumäki / Finnish Environment Institute

The Baltic Sea is facing unprecedented environmental challenges, with the latest marine research indicating alarmingly high levels of phosphate, a situation that poses a threat to its ecological balance. The annual winter survey conducted by the research vessel Aranda has unveiled that the Baltic Sea, particularly the Gulf of Finland and the Archipelago Sea, is experiencing the highest phosphate levels recorded in the last three decades.

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