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A screen capture of a one-euro listing of a 503-square-metre commercial property in Merihaka, Helsinki. (Screen capture –


AN UNUSUAL 29-room, 503-square-metre property is for sale in Merihaka, Helsinki.

The massive commercial property, which is currently housing a hostel, is listed for a price of one euro, but the listing states clearly, in capital letters, that the property will be sold on the basis of offers – a detail that appears to have gone unnoticed by some prospective buyers.

Anton Weg, the real estate agent assigned to the property by Campitec, gives an example: “A Chinese person called and asked if the furniture is included in the price – in the one-euro price,” he revealed to Kauppalehti on Friday.

He estimated that the property could change hands for approximately three million euros.

Weg added that the property has been listed already for a couple of months but, despite some interest from both home and abroad, remains on the market partly due to its unusual nature.

“Pricing these kinds of properties is challenging because there are only so many comparable properties. If I remember correctly, there hasn’t been a similar property available in the Helsinki region for ten years,” he stated to the commerce-oriented newspaper.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT
Source: Uusi Suomi