An old handout photo of ecstasy pills seized by police. (Handout – Police of Finland)


HELSINKI POLICE DEPARTMENT on Monday reported that it made a few dozen arrests towards the end of last week as part of a clampdown on the sales of illegal drugs and pills on the streets of Helsinki.

Police and citizens alike have seen people brazenly deal prescription medications and controlled substances in plain sight in the vicinity stations and other places along metro lines in the capital region.

“Eyewitnesses are telling that the dealing is unusually open and that pills are also being offered to young people. Street dealing is not only a crime and disturbance, but it can also cause danger,” reminded Jari Taponen, a detective chief inspector at Helsinki Police Department.

“There is no certainty about the origin and content of the pills,” he added. “Using them poses a very high risk, which may not be understood by young people. Parents and also other adults, such as teachers, should talk to children and young people about the issue.”

Police on Monday encouraged citizens to report any sightings of ongoing or newly concluded drug deals directly to the emergency call centre to ensure law enforcement officers are able to take action immediately.

“The important details in such situations include the exact scene of the incident and detailed descriptions of and, if available, other identifying titbits about the dealers,” said Taponen.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT
Source: Uusi Suomi