It all started with someone calling the police last summer when a woman went topless in a beach in Hyvinkää, a small city near Helsinki Finland.

Säde Vallarén 30, and Sandra Marins 28 decided to hit back with arranging a “tits flashmob” to raise awareness on equality and women’s right to their own body.

They started a facebook page and invited women to join them in taking off their tops and going for a dip in the cold waters, Although in exceptionally warm weather, off the beach in Hietalahti. 80 women signed up to join.

The number which showed up however were much less, just more than a dozen. 

The “Titsflashmob” is related to the international “Free the Nipple” movement, which demands removal of all restriction regarding exposure of women’s breasts.

The flashmob interested a mixed audience of men and women who were almost entirely supportive and curious. Some took the event with a grain of salt. “Some of these guys have bigger tits than the ladies!” laughed one spectator.

The Topless women walked hand in hand to into the baltic sea and took a swim.


Images: Lehtikuva