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A 22-man of foreign background stood accused of aggravated child sexual abuse and aggravated rape at the District Court of Oulu on 26 February 2019. (Timo Heikkala – Lehtikuva)


ROUGHLY A THIRD of requests to deport a foreign citizen on grounds of a sex crime conviction were rejected in Finland in 2018, according to MOT, a team of investigative journalists at YLE.

MOT on Monday reported that 84 of the 152 foreign citizens who were the subject of a criminal deportation request were ordered to be removed from the country by the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri). The remaining 64 foreign citizens, on the other hand, were allowed to stay in the country on a temporary basis.

Migri considered a total of 37 cases in which the subject of the request had been found guilty of at least one sex crime, according to the public broadcasting company. Two-thirds (25) of the people were deported, while the remaining 12 were allowed to stay in Finland.

MOT also revealed that in many cases the request to deport a person convicted of sex crimes was denied on grounds of the situation in the subject’s country of origin.

The Finnish legislation stipulates that no one can be deported or sent back to a country where they may be in mortal danger or face persecution, or to a country where they would remain in need of international protection. Other factors that may weigh in the decision include the subject’s life situation in Finland.

The legislation states that a criminal deportation can be carried out in circumstances where an alien has been convicted of a crime carrying a maximum punishment of at least one year in prison or repeated offences.

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s (Centre) government unveiled its action plan for preventing and combating sex crimes last month, pledging to draft amendments to the aliens act that allow authorities to withdraw international protection from a person who has been found guilty of a serious offence in Finland.

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Source: Uusi Suomi