A fallen power line in Vaasa, where weather conditions were particularly strong (Image: Lehtikuva)


POWERFUL WIND STORMS ACROSS FINLAND on Tuesday evening has left thousands of households across the country without electricity, with Western Finland being the worst-affected region.

The group which represents Finland’s energy industry, Energia, created an interactive map on their website this morning to highlight which areas of the country are without power.

Earlier this morning it was revealed that at least 80,000 homes were left completely without electricity during the evening, although this number is currently receding as normal services are restored in the wake of the storm.

Unusual weather patterns saw winds exceeding 100km/h hitting the Bay of Bothnia and the Aland Islands, while winds reached a more manageable 50km/h in the Finnish capital. The Finnish Meteorological Institute declared that “hurricane conditions” had been exceeding in certain parts of the country, with experts claiming that the storm was one of the most severe in at least a decade.

As of this writing, tens of thousands of homes across the country are still without power, with little indication of when it will be restored. It is believed that the strong winds have caused serious damage to energy infrastructure such as electricity pylons and substations, which will need to be repaired before service can resume as normal.


Adam Oliver Smith – HT

Source: Uusi Suomi

Image – Lehtikuva