People sunbathing in Helsinki on 7 July 2018.
People sunbathing in Helsinki on 7 July 2018.


Temperatures have climbed above seasonal averages in Finland.

Helsingin Sanomat on Wednesday reported that the mercury is expected to remain above 25ºC in various parts of the country for the next ten days, with next week set to be the warmest week of the entire summer.

The mercury climbed to over 28°C in Ylitornio, Lapland, on Tuesday.

Both YLE and Helsingin Sanomat wrote yesterday that temperatures in the region could creep up a few more degrees and crack the 30-degree mark as early as on Thursday. Temperatures in other parts of the country could touch the 30-degree mark next week.

“This does seem like a long period of warm weather. There’s really no end in sight at this moment,” Juha Föhr, a meteorologist at Foreca, told Helsingin Sanomat.

The warm weather is also expected to bring heavy rains and thunderstorms to different parts of the country. Today, the risk of thunderstorms is high particularly in Western Finland.

The current period of warm weather is historically hot and long, according to Helsingin Sanomat. Weather statistics indicate that temperatures of over 30°C have not been recorded in Finland since 2015. This summer could even threaten to break the record set in 2010, when the mercury climbed above the 30-degree mark as many as nine times at Helsinki Airport.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT
Photo: Onni Ojala – Lehtikuva