Blood of the victim still visible on the snow in the crime scene

A Pakistani immigrant was stabbed in Vantaa last Friday night. He was attacked by several people in front of his house around 11:45 PM. He had gone outside to smoke when he was approached by a group of youngsters who asked for cigarettes. He refused to give them as they looked underage.  He was attacked when he turned back to walk home and stabbed multiple times and in different parts of his body and head.

Assailants inflicted 20-30 stab wounds on the victim using knives and other edged weapons. His lips were also cut and he was stabbed near the eye. Fortunately, the victim was transferred to hospital urgently and underwent a major surgery. Although still in ICU and in critical condition with severe injuries, his situation is not life-threatening anymore and he has regained consciousness.

The 37-year-old man and the father of a 4-year-old child has been in the country with his spouse who has a student visa and is studying for a master’s degree in Finland.

The motives of the attackers is still not known. Apparently, the police have arrested a few local youngsters suspected of committing the crime. Vantaa police are investigating the case which could at least be considered an aggravated assault and at most, attempted murder.

Municipality of Vantaa is a part of the Greater Helsinki area with a population of around 222 000 people.