Three women lost their lives in a shooting that took place on a pedestrian street in Imatra on 3 December, 2016.
Three women lost their lives in a shooting that took place on a pedestrian street in Imatra on 3 December, 2016.

Law enforcement officers have wrapped up the pre-trial investigation into a shooting that left three women dead in Imatra on 3 December.

The South-eastern Finland Police Department revealed in a press release yesterday that the 23-year-old suspect has confessed in interrogations to shooting the three women as they were stepping out of a restaurant onto a pedestrian street at approximately midnight.

The suspect, the press release indicates, fired a total of five close-range shots, four of which hit the victims in the head and torso. The victims lost their lives immediately.

The pre-trial investigation also confirmed that the three women were the first people encountered by the gunman after he had arrived by car at the scene with a loaded rifle and were therefore selected as the victims at random.

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“Security camera footage indicates that [after the shooting] the gunman raised his firearm to a firing position and pointed it in the direction of the pedestrian street, but at this point the firearm had no bullets,” a police spokesperson says.

The suspect then put the firearm back into his car and stayed at the scene of the shooting waiting for law enforcement authorities to arrive. He was apprehended by the first officers on the scene and did not attempt to flee or resist the arrest.

The 23-year-old man revealed in interrogations that he began thinking about killing a couple of weeks before the shooting but did not make the decision to act on his urges until the evening of 3 December. He told no one about his thoughts and intentions prior to the shooting and acted entirely alone, according to the press release.

“No definitive motive for the act has been found in the pre-trial investigation, but the investigation does suggest that [the shooting] was closely associated with issues related to the suspect’s mental health,” the spokesperson tells. It has, however, been determined that the suspect was not under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants at the time of the shooting.

No further details of the health-related reasons will be disclosed due to confidentiality rules. The District Court of Southern Karelia has ordered that a mental evaluation be performed on the suspect before the main hearings begin.

The South-eastern Finland Police Department also reveals that the rifle used in the shooting was licensed but not owned by the suspect. The rifle was obtained without a permit from a gun cabinet located in the garage of his home. The rifle’s owner is not suspected of any wrongdoings in connection with the incident, according to the police department.

The case will be submitted to a prosecutor for consideration of charges later this week.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT
Photo: Ritva Siltalahti – Lehtikuva
Source: Uusi Suomi