The first wave of work stoppages staged by PAU halted mail and newspaper deliveries in the capital region on Friday.The Finnish Post and Logistics Union (PAU) will appeal to other trade unions for support in the ongoing dispute over the terms and conditions of employment applied by Posti, its chairperson, Heidi Nieminen, has revealed.

The parties to the labour dispute will convene to discuss the terms and conditions of employment under the guidance of the National Conciliator on Monday.

“We don't have the time today, but I'm sure that our board of directors will make a decision tomorrow,” Nieminen told Helsingin Sanomat while attending a meeting of the Congress of the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK) on Thursday.

She also revealed that it remains uncertain whether the request will be submitted to transport unions or all member associations of SAK. “No decisions regarding that have yet been taken.”

The first wave of work stoppages launched by PAU halted all mail and newspaper deliveries in Greater Helsinki on Friday. The sympathy strikes, meanwhile, would expand the effects of the labour dispute also to other industrial sectors. Trade unions are required to issue a notice four days before launching a sympathy strike.

Marko Piiroinen, the chairperson of the Transport Workers' Union (AKT), confirmed on Thursday that AKT is prepared to stage a sympathy strike upon a request from PAU. A so-called No Friend Left Behind agreement is in place in the transport and logistics sectors.

The sympathy strikes could at worst halt the foreign trade of Finland.

ATK, Piiroinen stressed, will not resort to any type of industrial action without a request from PAU.

Riku Aalto, the chairperson of the Finnish Metalworkers' Union (Metalli), told Helsingin Sanomat that Metalli has not considered staging any sympathy strikes but maintains the readiness do so. “We have no direct ties to the operations of Posti,” he pointed out.

Teemu Luukka – HS
Aleksi Teivainen – HT
Photo: A screen capture from a video by Kalle Koponen / HS