Law-enforcement authorities in Oulu have continued to interrogate two men on suspicion of the aggravated rape of a 15-year-old girl in Rajakylä, Oulu, on the evening of 4 August.

The suspects were brought into custody peacefully last weekend and have since been arrested, according to Iltalehti. The authorities were led to the roughly 20 and 30-year-old suspects soon after the incident.

“We identified the suspected perpetrators after wrapping up other investigations. The plaintiff is key here, and we were able to interview her after she had undergone other examinations,” tells Petri Savela, a detective chief superintendent at the Oulu Police Department.

Savela declined on Monday to reveal where the incident took place and whether or not the victim knew the perpetrators prior to the incident.

“So many people are linked to this that the details can't be disclosed just yet. We already have brought several people in for questioning. We have to interview others in addition to the suspects,” he explained.

The two suspects have been arrested on suspicion of aggravated rape.

The act meets many of the elements of aggravated rape, according to Savela. “A rape is defined as aggravated when its victim is a minor or when other violence, such as edged weapons, are used in it. It can also be defined as aggravated if it was carried out by more than one people or on the basis of an overall assessment,” he said.

Police have emphasised that the suspects are both native-born Finns, not from an immigrant background.

The first reports of the offence sparked a flood of slander and hate speech on social media last week – a flood that according to police has no basis on facts. “No indications that the suspects were from a foreign background have been found in the investigation. You shouldn't blame people or population groups for nothing,” stressed Savela.

He admits that police wanted specifically to shoot down the rumours. “We made the announcement as soon as possible. In fact, the announcement was made unusually early in light of the information at our disposal.”

Savela also voiced his hope that people commenting on crime-related reports would base their comments on facts. “No guessing. You should refrain from guessing who has done what especially when it comes to cases such as this,” he underlined.

The unfounded defamatory comments can in principle spawn criminal charges.

“The comments have reportedly died down and some discussions have been deleted,” Savela told.

Marjo Valtavaara – HS
Aleksi Teivainen – HT