The sun deck of Adventure of the Seas was empty as she docked in Länsisatama, Helsinki, on Wednesday.An average of 96 per cent of cruise passengers arriving in Helsinki disembark the ship to explore the Finnish capital, whereas only 82 per cent of passengers do so in other cruise destinations in Europe.

More than half of the cruise passengers arriving in Helsinki have booked a guided tour in advance. In addition to the capital itself, Porvoo is a popular destination.

Adventure of the Seas, a cruise ship operated by Royal Caribbean, stopped in Helsinki on Wednesday before continuing its journey to Belgium.

The cruise was sold out, but the ship was virtually deserted. Most of the passengers had gone ashore, eager to explore the Finnish capital even after visiting Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and St. Petersburg in short succession.

Adventure of the Seas

- Built in Turku, launched in 2001

- 311 metres in length

- 3.5 times the size of ferries operating between Finland and Sweden

Most of the passengers aboard Adventure of the Seas were from the United Kingdom – she having set off from Southampton – but also included people from the United States and South America.

Tuula Toivio – HS
Aleksi Teivainen – HT
Photo: Sami Kilpiö / HS