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The global online gaming industry is a billion-euro business and the heart that beats at the centre of the entertainment world. Finland is the third largest game developer in Europe. But what impact has this had on Finland’s economy?

Global Context

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A man sleeping in his bed at home. LEHTIKUVA

Finland witnesses a remarkable shift in public health trends, with long-term sickness absences caused by traditional diseases like heart and cardiovascular diseases, digestive system illnesses, and respiratory diseases now constituting only a third of what they were in 1970. This significant change is attributed to lifestyle modifications, improved living conditions, and changes in the nature of work.

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A senior woman blankets her wheelchaired husband.

A recent study by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has brought to light the significantly lower quality of life experienced by individuals assisting their partners with functional limitations. The 2020 FinSote population survey, with responses from over 28,000 Finnish residents aged 20 and above, indicates that these caregivers face substantial psychological strain and assess their health as poorer compared to the general population.

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Elderly woman streching during a dance class. LEHTIKUVA

A recent study, funded by Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland), has shown that dance movement therapy, when combined with conventional treatments, significantly reduces depression symptoms more than conventional treatments alone. The researchers suggest that Finland should consider expanding the use of this therapy based on these promising results.

The study involved 157 participants, all diagnosed with depression posing a threat to their work or study capabilities.

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A woman at home. LEHTIKUVA

In Finland, private healthcare facilities are reporting a significant increase in mental health-related visits, with a notably higher proportion of women seeking help for depression and anxiety. This trend reflects the growing mental health challenges faced by individuals across all ages and genders, although women seem to be disproportionately affected.

Terveystalo, a leading healthcare provider in Finland, is actively participating in a campaign that focuses on the escalating performance pressures faced by women.

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Astronaut Andreas Mogensen taking chocolate mousse for dessert at the space station. Photo: European Space Agency ESA

On December 4, 2023, Finland's renowned science center Heureka will connect with the International Space Station (ISS) in a unique event titled "Do You Copy, Orbit?". Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen will answer questions sent in advance by Finnish schoolchildren, focusing on space and technology, directly from the ISS's orbit.

The "Do You Copy, Orbit?" event, tailored for school groups, will run from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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Izmir, Cesme Karaburun Seaside

The beautiful Aegean city of Izmir, Türkiye, has been recognized as one of Lonely Planet's top cities for travel in 2024. Featured in the 19th edition of the renowned travel guide's 'Best in Travel 2024', Izmir has earned its spot for its ancient cities, stunning beaches, landscapes, and unique culinary culture.

Izmir: A Blend of Delicious Flavors, Culture, and Seaside Living

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Professors Tarik Taleb and Mehdi Bennis, from the University of Oulu's 6G flagship.

Researchers from the University of Oulu, Mehdi Bennis and Tarik Taleb, have solidified their positions among the world's most cited scholars, making it onto the prestigious Highly Cited Researchers list once again. This recognition places them in the top one percent of their field based on the number of citations their research publications have received.

Out of 16 Finnish researchers who made it to the list this year, two are from the University of Oulu's Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC) and the Academy of Finland's coordinated 6G flagship initiative.

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Discover PRIAN – your unique world-wide property search engine

If you wish to purchase a second home or dream to relocate to another country, or simply want to save your capitals and invest your savings, we are here to help you!

Prian is a multifunctional property search tool that has more than 100 000 real estate offers from more than 400 companies  in 82  countries around the world.  Navigating your international real estate search has never been easier!

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Digitization of natural history collections. Photo: LUOMUS

In a major leap forward for scientific research and policy-making, Finland's natural science collections are undergoing extensive digitalization, as part of a broader European effort. It's estimated that Europe's collections alone contain 1.5 billion specimens, and this wealth of quality nature data is set to become accessible to scientists, policy-makers, and the public alike.

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Health authorities in the Helsinki-Uusimaa region are raising the alarm as reported sexually transmitted infections (STIs) continue to surge, with gonorrhea cases showing a particularly stark increase.

The incidence of gonorrhea in Finland has doubled since 2021. There were nearly 1,000 cases recorded in 2022 and an equal number by September of this year, with two-thirds occurring within the HUS (Helsinki University Hospital) area.

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