This week, all 24 Finnish universities of applied sciences start to extensively apply online and distance learning practices to minimise the chances of corona infection. At the same time, the universities’ personnel start to carry out their duties mainly remotely. The purpose is to ensure the continuity of higher education as the epidemic expands. The changes concern all of Finland’s 145,000 university of applied sciences students.

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Goalkeeper Lukas Hradecky (L) of Finland wears a mask of an eagle owl as he celebrates with Paulus Arajuuri after the Euro 2020 Group J qualification football match between Finland and Liechtenstein in Helsinki, Finland, on November 15, 2019.

FINLAND’S NATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM, KNOWN AS THE HUUHKAJAT (‘eagle-owls’) has long been considered more of a running joke than a source of national pride. However, with their recent shock win in the Euro qualifiers back in November, the world is finally starting to pay attention as the once-beleaguered team prepares to represent Finland on the world stage this summer. 

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Hackers at work, trying to break into 5G

Despite all the hysteria about its health effects and the battle over market share, the discussion about security the US campaign against Huawei, 5G is already here. Slowly but surely operators are colouring their coverage maps. Starting from big cities, the colouring of the maps designating the areas added to the fifth-generation high-speed internet is spreading fast. 

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Oheneba studies English Information Technology at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, the largest UAS in Finland. 

Oheneba is originally from Ghana, but he made Finland his home about six years ago. One of the main reasons he chose Finland was that it offered top-notch higher education in Engineering.

“The Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology is the best option for me. The multicultural environment in Metropolia gives you a perfect start towards an international career in a challenging and fast-developing field of Technology.

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The Tokyo Summer Olympic 2020 mascot is called Miraitowa, which is derived from the Japanese words mirai (future) and towa (eternity)

The winter is here, and soon it's time to say 'Goodbye' to 2019 and 'Hi' to 2020 – the spring of a new decade. In this article, we will look into the best sports events the upcoming year has to offer. 

After a remarkable murky November – Sweden has had its darkest November in over 100 years –, December is knocking on the door. A month that usually brings snow to the southern parts of Finland, and with snow there comes light. Yes, we are reaching the end of the year,

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Photo: Satu Pirinen

Helsinki International Horse Show has brought world’s top riders to compete in Finland’s biggest indoor sport event

World number one in jumping Steve Guerdat, number two Martin Fuchs and number four Peder Fredricson among many other world class riders have travelled to Helsinki to take part in Finland’s top equestrian event of the year.

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St. Petersburg is Russia's second-largest city with a population of over five million people. Still, almost everything you want to see is located in a comfortable distance from each other at the historical centre. 

The city was built by Peter The Great in 1703 - right after it was conquered back from the Swedes. Peter, who grew up in Moscow and disliked his hometown, wanted to build a European style town in Russia. He was the first Russian Tsar to travel to Europe, spending over two years travelling around with his entourage.

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Finnish lottery winners mostly want to stay anonymous. Image ICP

When on one crispy September morning, a young Finnish man from Ostrobothnia played a 20 cents round in an online jackpot game, he could not believe his eyes as the digits of the winning sum rolled into place on his phone: 4 853 321,69 euros! 

A life-changing sum for almost everyone on the planet, but not for Finns. A survey by the Finnish gaming company Veikkaus found out that nearly all Finnish lottery winners keep their win a secret, shared only to closest relatives or spouse. 

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Toivonen (under) got a submission from opponent last Friday in Kuala Lampur match

It was a cozy minus 30 degrees when Aleksi Toivonen left the comforts of home in Finland. When he arrived in Singapore it was plus 30 degrees, and sweltering, and his whole world had changed.

“My head was spinning,” says Toivonen. “I thought I was going to have heat stroke and I didn’t really know what was going on.”

He certainly does now. On Friday night the 27-year-old flyweight from Lahti made a winning debut with the Singapore-based ONE Championship martial arts promotion having secured a contract that Toivonen says came right out of the blue.

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A Viking reenactor plays the Nordic bagpipe

Tourism in Helsinki has never been as central to its local economy as it is right now. In 2017, the number of overnight stays in Helsinki shot up by 13%, crossing the four-million barrier for the first time in history, and overnight stays in the wider Helsinki region crossing 5.3 million. 

It’s stunning growth, but its source remains somewhat elusive. 

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