Covid-19 confirmed cases in Finland and other countries

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Members of the Nordic Resistance Movement participated in a protest in Helsinki on 6 December 2017. (Markku Ulander – Lehtikuva)

THE SUPREME COURT of Finland (KKO) on Tuesday issued a cease-and-desist order to the Nordic Resistance Movement, a neo-Nazi organisation with members in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

The ruling is historic, according to Helsingin Sanomat: not a single organisation has been ordered to cease and desist in Finland since the 1970s.

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Medical professionals at a drive-in coronavirus testing site in Vantaa on 12 May 2020. (Emmi Korhonen – Lehtikuva)

THE NUMBER of laboratory-confirmed coronavirus infections jumped by 149, from 9,046 to 9,195, in Finland between Monday and Tuesday, according to the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

THL on Tuesday pointed out that that 135 of the infections are new, meaning they were detected in the past two weeks.

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Terrafame produces metals such as nickel, cobalt and zinc at its mine and production plant in Sotkamo, Finland. (Kimmo Rauatmaa – Lehtikuva)

TRAFIGURA, a Singapore-domiciled minority shareholder in Finnish state-owned metals producer Terrafame, is suspected of channelling hundreds of millions of euros to tax havens in transactions that have raised red flags about money laundering.

YLE on Monday reported that major multinational banks have filed reports on tens of billions of euros' worth of transactions by Trafigura to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), a bureau of the US Department of Treasury.

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Viking Amorella was grounded outside the island of Järsö in Åland on Monday, 21 September 2020. The seabed at the site is soft and muddy, meaning the ferry should sustain no additional damage when towed to port. (Niclas Norlund – Lehtikuva)

PASSENGERS EVACUATED from Viking Amorella on Sunday may have to wait for their luggage for several days, reports YLE Åboland.

The passenger ferry remains grounded outside the island of Järsö in Åland Islands, Finland, after running aground south of Långnäs at 12.35pm on Sunday. All of the roughly 200 passengers on board and part of the crew were evacuated from the ferry during the course of Sunday.

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Scania on Monday confirmed it will close the bus and coach body manufacturing plant of its subsidiary SOE Busproduction Finland in Lahti. (Samuli Ikäheimo – Lehtikuva)

SWEDISH COMMERCIAL VEHICLE MAKER Scania on Monday confirmed it will discontinue the production of bus and coach bodies in Lahti, Finland, Pekka Timonen, the Mayor of Lahti, stated to STT.

The 342-employee production plant is operated by SOE Busproduction Finland, a subsidiary of Scania.

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Annika Saarikko, the chairperson of the Centre Party, outlined the platform of the centre-right party in Helsinki on 18 September 2020. (Emmi Korhonen – Lehtikuva)

MINISTER of Science and Culture Annika Saarikko on Friday raised eyebrows with her first keynote speech as the chairperson of the Centre Party.

MTV on Friday highlighted that Saarikko delivered a version of the speech that did not refer to the newly approved objectives of the centre-right party to bring an additional 150,000 people to the ranks of the employed and raise the employment rate to 77 per cent by 2026.

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A patron wearing a face mask at the counter of a pub in Helsinki on 19 August 2020. (Antti Aimo-Koivisto – Lehtikuva)

RESTRICTIONS to the late-night sales of alcohol could be warranted also in Finland, estimates Lasse Lehtonen, the director of diagnostic services at the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS).

Lehtonen on Saturday told Iltalehti and YLE that a fairly large proportion of new coronavirus infections in the country have been linked to nightlife, restaurants and parties.

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Viking Line’s MS Amorella ran aground south of Långnäs on Åland Islands on Sunday. (Handout – Finnish Border Guard)

PASSENGERS AND CREW aboard MS Amorella, a passenger ferry operating between Turku and Stockholm, were evacuated after the ferry touched the seabed south of Långnäs on Åland Islands at about 12.35pm on Sunday.

The ferry was carrying around 200 passengers and 80 crew, according to Viking Line.

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The cities of Helsinki and Tallinn are hosting the third World Summit on Digital Built Environment, WDBE, for experts in the field of urban development. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the WDBE is partnering with Epic Games and Zoan to bring the guests an immersive virtual event experience like nothing before.

The WDBE brings participants from over 50 countries together September 29–30, 2020 around the unlimited possibilities of digitalisation as an enabler of a more socially, culturally, ecologically and economically sustainable urban future.

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“The coronavirus is no excuse to do less and borrow more,” says Ville Tavio, the chairperson of the Finns Parliamentary Group. (Antti Aimo-Koivisto – Lehtikuva)

THE OPPOSITION PARTIES have announced their intention to table an interpellation accusing the government of abandoning its economic and employment objectives, according to Helsingin Sanomat.

The interpellation is backed by all four opposition parties in Finland: the Finns Party, National Coalition, Christian Democratic Party and Movement Now.

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A bullet hole inside the school that was the scene of an attack that left 11 dead, including the gunman, and three injured in Kauhajoki, Western Finland, on 23 September 2008. (Antti Aimo-Koivisto – Lehtikuva)

THE EUROPEAN COURT of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled on Thursday that Finnish authorities violated the right to life of 10 young people by failing to do their due diligence to prevent the school shooting that occurred in Kauhajoki, Western Finland, in September 2008.

The ruling was delivered by a vote of six to one.

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