Pedestrians on a sanded but icy road in Suvela, Espoo, on 16 January 2022. (Heikki Saukkomaa – Lehtikuva)

MOTORISTS AND PEDESTRIANS in Finland should be careful due to the snowfall, strong winds and slippery road conditions forecast for this week, states the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI).

On Monday, road conditions are expected to be particularly difficult in northern parts of Lapland and Åland.

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The rooftops of blocks of flats in Töölö, Helsinki, on 12 October 2021. (Jussi Nukari – Lehtikuva)

DECEMBER was unusually busy for the sales of old houses in spite of the number of houses on the market being exceptionally low, tells Kiinteistömaailma.

The Finnish real estate agency reported at the beginning of the month that it brokered a total of 940 sales of old houses last month, signalling its highest ever total for December. The sales of new houses, by contrast, were roughly 50 per cent lower than in December 2020.

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A Covid-19 patient received intensive care in Seinäjoki Central Hospital in Seinäjoki, South Ostrobothnia, on 2 December 2021. (Heikki Saukkomaa – Lehtikuva)

THE NUMBER of Covid-19 patients in intensive care has surged to its highest level since the first wave of epidemic in spring 2020.

YLE on Monday reported that a total of 72 coronavirus patients were in intensive care in Finland on Sunday, representing a drop of one from Saturday. The number of patients simultaneously in intensive care peaked at more than 80 in April 2020.

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A Palestinian rides his bicycle through an inundated street, following torrential rains that hit the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza strip, on January 16, 2022. LEHTIKUVA / AFP

Here are the most interesting news images of this week from all around the world.

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“I would like to express my heartfelt concerns about the situation in Kazakhstan, a country closely familiar to me, a country that has been heralded as a beacon of stability and the most affluent country in the region. I deeply regret the tragic loss of human lives during the past weeks and call upon all sides to refrain from any violence or provocations. It is imperative that social peace and trust be reinstated”, says Mr Kimmo Kiljunen.

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Jorma Malinen, the chairperson at Trade Union Pro, spoke to reporters in Helsinki in February 2020. (Roni Rekomaa – Lehtikuva)

TRADE UNION PRO and Technology Industry Employers of Finland on Thursday settled their differences over the terms and conditions of employment of salaried employees in the technology industry, reports STT.

The industry has thereby averted the strikes and overtime bans that were to begin on Friday, 14 January.

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Otto Helve, a chief physician at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), was photographed at the weekly coronavirus briefing held by THL and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in Helsinki on Thursday, 13 January 2022. (Markku Ulander – Lehtikuva)

THE FINNISH INSTITUTE for Health and Welfare (THL) has revised its quarantine guidelines to allow physicians of infectious diseases to order quarantines with a duration ranging from five to ten days, instead of strictly ten days.

“The quarantine instruction is now for a duration of 5–10 days,” Otto Helve, a chief physician at THL, stated in Helsinki on Thursday.

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An at-home test showing a positive result in a private residence in Espoo, Southern Finland, on 13 January 2022. (Heikki Saukkomaa – Lehtikuva)

THE MINISTRY of Social Affairs and Health on Wednesday unveiled a proposal drawn up by an expert task force for voluntary at-home testing.

At-home test kits, it stated, are recommended especially for people who are experiencing mild symptoms associated with a coronavirus infection and symptomatic under 12-year-olds together with their parents and siblings.

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