Eat and Drink

Anyone can set up a stand on Restaurant Day as long as they register online.On 16 November 2013, we will celebrate the world’s biggest food festival in Helsinki and hundreds of other cities around the world.

“RESTAURANT DAY is a food carnival, where anyone can set up their own restaurant, cafe or bar for a day anywhere they want. It happens four times a year and it’s a celebration of food culture, crazy restaurant concepts and togetherness,” says Timo Santala, the chairman and one of the founders of this groundbreaking event.

Whether you are a cancer researcher, a teacher or a circus acrobat,you can forget who you are and participate in Restaurant Day. Set up your own little kitchen anywhere you like: your home, your office, on a street corner, at a park…Just use your imagination and share your culinary skills with the city.

Finns clearly have a good idea about culinary happenings for they invented this appetising tradition: the very first Restaurant Day was held in Helsinki in May 2011; today, it is the world’s most celebrated food festival in Helsinki and has rapidly spread over hundreds of other cities around the globe.

Useful information:

Canto Boom – Restaurant Day August 2012.A funky foodie event

Do you want to show off your culinary abilities? Why not? You don’t need to be a chef to be in the spotlight; anyone can shine on Restaurant Day. Just choose the best place to set up your stand or pop-up bistro, and show Helsinki what you can do. Bake your best cupcakes or make your grandma’s special spaghetti and meatballs, create crazy sandwiches by the square or serve up gourmet coffee at the docks. Everything goes, whether is sweet or savoury, mild or spicy, doughnuts or sushi, the possibilities are endless. The point is the more fun your concept is, the more customers it will attract.

If you wish to register your one-day culinary stand, check out, where you can book your food event and:

• Reveal where are you planning to hold it

• What kind of food and/or theme you are inspired to create

• How much it will cost

• Set your prices, or ask people to suggest prices to you.

Once your restaurant is planned and registered, publish it on Facebook and Twitter to make it public and voilà!

If you wish to discover all the restaurants participating this year, click on “Find Restaurants”, enter your city and it will display all the registered places with the logo “R”; just click on each and you will have all the information needed. Organise your day using their website or by using the Restaurant Day App, which helps you discover the nearest and the most interesting restaurants of the day based on your current location.

Get the most out of the carnival with this Restaurant Day mobile application!

Bon appétit!

If you wish to participate in Restaurant Day, make sure you have friends to help you out. Running a culinary business is hard work, even if only for one day, so ask your friends or family to give you a hand. It will make things easier and most certainly be more fun.

If you prefer tasting to making, there is nothing more satisfying than going out with family and friends, and receiving the kindness of strangers sharing with you a piece of their own creation. So forget about the weather and take your wallet; go out and get yourself comfy in the chatter of well-fed conversation.

You can find all participating restaurants on Restaurant Day’s official website, or by downloading their mobile app. This way you can filter the places by city, area or neighbourhood.

Fill & Chill – Restaurant Day February 2013.A few suggested places

At Kaivopuisto, we can find Kleineh Holland, residence of the Dutch Ambassador, which will delight with a three-course menu of Dutch delicacies. Fazer will not miss the opportunity to share coffee, tea, muffins and other sweet specialties with the public at Kapteeninkatu. If you take a tour in Punavuori, don’t miss CÓC CÓC Noodle, a Vietnamese restaurant created by Vietnamese and Finnish students. This and more can be discovered by logging in the Restaurant Day’s official website.

16 November is the last Restaurant Day of the year. The weather is kinder on us now than it will be next February, when the next Restaurant Day is planned, so don’t waste it by staying home!

If you are planning to be a participant for the next Restaurant Day, here are the dates for the upcoming food festivals:

Saturday 16 November 2013

Sunday 16 February 2014

Saturday 17 May 2014

Sunday 17 August 2014

Saturday 15 November 2014

Four Saturdays and Sundays a year are devoted to this special event, so get hungry, get busy and get going! But most of all, enjoy yourself!