During the "Edible Helsinki" weeks, the city's diverse culinary culture will be highlighted through a hundred events.

Eat and Drink

Helsinki is gearing up for its first-ever "Edible Helsinki" weeks, a celebration of the city’s rich culinary culture scheduled from May 24 to June 16, 2024. This innovative food festival is the result of a collaborative effort among local restaurants, tourism bodies, and event organizers, aiming to highlight Helsinki’s gastronomic diversity through a hundred unique events.

The festival kicks off with a press event that offered a sneak peek into the planned activities and sparked discussions on Helsinki's culinary innovations and restaurant culture.

Marja-Leena Rinkineva, Helsinki’s Director of Economic Development, emphasized the city’s commitment to enhancing its appeal as a sustainable and diverse food destination. "Helsinki already offers world-class experiences to both locals and tourists. We aim to be recognized as a top culinary city that attracts visitors from afar," Rinkineva stated.

During the festival, food enthusiasts can explore an array of experiences including special dishes, themed menus, festivals, brunches, workshops, and food tours, showcasing the best of Helsinki’s food and drink offerings. One of the highlights is the "Edible Sunday" event, where approximately 30 local restaurants will open their doors exceptionally on Sunday and Monday, May 26-27, catering to both locals and guests attending the Michelin Star announcement ceremony.

Moreover, the historic Torikorttelit area will once again host a summer terrace at Senate Square. Adjacent to the terrace, a viewing area for the MICHELIN Guide Ceremony for the Nordic Countries will be set up, allowing everyone to experience the excitement of the gala while enjoying local culinary delights.

Helsinki’s food culture will also be celebrated through guided food tours in the city’s famous market halls—Hakaniemi, Old Market Hall, and Hietalahti. These tours, scripted with delicious content by Helsinki Guides, will be available both as private bookings and free tours during the festival weeks.

Adding a multi-sensory dimension to the festival, the City Hall will open a 360° "Edible Helsinki" experience room on May 29. Created in collaboration with Haaga-Helia students, this immersive space allows visitors to explore Helsinki’s culinary story through sights, sounds, and pre-ordered tastings, catered by Palmia.

"Edible Helsinki" weeks are poised to transform the city into a vibrant showcase of culinary arts, attracting food lovers from around the world and highlighting Helsinki’s potential as a top international food destination.