Edible Helsinki events can be identified by stickers depicting Helsinki flavors. Photo: City of Helsinki / image processed illustration.

Eat and Drink

Helsinki is set to host its inaugural "Edible Helsinki" food weeks from May 24 to June 16, 2024, celebrating the city’s diverse culinary scene. Nearly a hundred events have been organized in collaboration between local restaurants, tourism bodies, and event organizers, offering something for everyone from fine dining aficionados to burger enthusiasts, and lovers of both traditional and ethnic cuisines.

During this spring event, both residents and visitors will have the unique opportunity to sample Helsinki’s distinctive and unexpected flavors. Participating restaurants and cafes will feature special dishes and themed menus. Attendees can dive deep into Helsinki’s food and drink culture through guided tours, workshops, exhibitions, and by attending various festivals that highlight the culinary offerings of different cultures.

"Edible Helsinki highlights the spectrum of tastes our city has to offer. We are a hub of great culinary experiences, all conveniently located. From classic dishes to wild foods and local delicacies to global flavors, everything is readily available even for those just passing through the city. It’s wonderful that we can kick off the upcoming summer by offering locals and visitors such a fantastic way to explore Helsinki’s restaurant scene and its food and beverage culture," said Nina Vesterinen, Tourism Manager.

Food is one of the strategic themes for Helsinki’s tourism and events this year, and the Edible Helsinki events will continue throughout the year.

"Helsinki is still an undiscovered destination for many as a food city. Edible Helsinki enhances Helsinki’s attraction as a culinary tourism destination and highlights the excellent work of local food professionals. The MICHELIN Guide Ceremony for Nordic Countries, held at the end of May, will also bring international visibility to Helsinki’s high-quality restaurants as a premier food city and destination," Vesterinen added.

The Tori Quarters’ summer terrace will again be set up alongside Senate Square, where local restaurateurs will serve summer delicacies. On May 27, this area will also host a live viewing area for the MICHELIN Guide Ceremony Nordic Countries. The announcement event from the Savoy Theatre will be broadcast live, allowing attendees to enjoy the summer terrace’s offerings while watching the ceremony.

For more information and to plan your visit to the various Edible Helsinki events, check out tapahtumat.hel.fi (search for "Helsinki Food Year 2024") and hel.fi/syotavahelsinki.