Eat and Drink

Beer is considered the best summertime brewery beverage, with light lager being the top choice for a summer beer. Mineral water takes second place as the best summer drink. The popularity of hard seltzers, which secured third place, is rapidly growing. These findings come from a survey conducted by the Finnish Breweries Association and the Beverage Industry Association.

The position of beer as the favorite summer drink is clear. Nearly one-third (32%) of Finns consider beer to be the best summertime brewery beverage. Mineral water, which came in second place, was favored by just over one-fifth (22%) of respondents. Beer's popularity has increased while water's popularity has decreased compared to the previous survey. In the survey, hard seltzer claimed the third spot, experiencing the highest growth in popularity compared to the previous survey conducted in 2015. Hard seltzer received support from 17% of respondents.

Opinions on the favorite summer drink vary slightly between men and women. Men believe beer is the best summertime brewery beverage, with hard seltzer coming in second. On the other hand, women give the most support to mineral water, followed by beer.

Light Lager Named the Best Summer Beer

Almost half (48%) of beer drinkers in Finland believe that light lager is the best summer beer. Light lager was chosen as the most popular summer beer among both men and women, as well as across all age groups surveyed. Lager beer accounts for approximately 90% of the beer sold in Finland. Wheat beer ranked second as the preferred summer beer among Finnish beer drinkers, garnering support from 14% of respondents. Indian and American Pale Ales (IPA/APA) were considered the best summer beers by a combined 11% of respondents. The popularity remained consistent compared to the previous survey. The survey also found that non-alcoholic beer received the most support, with 7% of respondents choosing it as the best.

The Taloustutkimus survey presented respondents with eight different options for the best summer beer. The top contenders for the title of the most popular summer beer were light lager, wheat beer, India Pale Ale (IPA), American Pale Ale (APA), dark lager, pilsner, porter/stout, and non-alcoholic beer.

"Light lager is one of the most popular beers year-round, but during the summer, the preference leans towards lighter and more refreshing beers like light lagers and wheat beers. In winter, dark lagers often take the lead. Summer is the peak season for brewery beverages, and beer holds a strong position as the drink of choice for saunas and socializing," says Outi Heikkinen, Communications Manager at the Finnish Breweries Association.

The survey commissioned by the Finnish Breweries Association and the Beverage Industry Association was conducted as an online survey in the Taloustutkimus consumer panel from September 1st to 6th, 2022. A total of 1,342 Finns between the ages of 18 and 70 participated in the survey. The respondent sample was weighted to represent adult Finns according to gender, age, and place of residence.