Eat and Drink

Running until August 27th, the Torikorttelit summer terrace, created by well-known restaurateurs Mikko Leisti from Sofia Helsinki, Ville Tikkanen from Valkoinen sali, and Sami Benamed from Via Tribunal and Son of a Punch, will offer a delightful array of food and drink concepts to visitors.

The restaurant concepts will feature high-quality seasonal ingredients, classic flavors, and the latest food trends.

Sofia Helsinki will bring Sofia Helsinki Café (10:00-18:00) to the square, providing a moment of relaxation with homemade cinnamon buns, freshly ground coffee, refreshing smoothies, and sparkling beverages. And of course, their menu will not forget the blueberry pie!

Sofia Helsinki's Velo Bar Sofia (11:00-23:00) draws inspiration from the Velocipede of 1887, which found its way to Sofia Helsinki. The bar will quench every thirst with a wide selection of spritzers, radlers, soft drinks, and beers.

The third concept from Sofia Helsinki, Helsinki Summer Kitchen (11:00-23:00), will bring friends, the archipelago, and Finnish summer delicacies and drinks to the terrace. POTTU, their signature dish, features magical herb-infused potatoes accompanied by fish, sausage, or even mushrooms. And to complement the meal, they will serve beer, wine, and beautiful summer cocktails.

Valkoinen sali will focus on the full colors and flavors of nature with Harvest Cocktails by Valkoinen sali cocktail bar (11:00-23:00). Their cocktail master, Jari Mellin, will create unforgettable highballs and spritzers using fresh berries, fruits, and herbs.

Returning to the square is the well-known Dogs & Bubbels, but this year, Baobao & Bubbles by Valkoinen Sali (11:00-23:00) will serve Bao Buns along with bubbly beverages. Lari Helenius, the chef of the Michelin-starred Olo and the 2020 Chef of the Year, has developed three different Bao Buns that will tantalize taste buds. Ville Tikkanen, the owner of Valkoinen sali and a Champagne enthusiast, has selected a range of changing Special Club Champagnes to be served by the glass.

The award-winning Pizzeria Via Tribunali (11:00-23:00) will offer authentic Neapolitan pizza baked in a Valoriani gas oven over an open fire. Their pizza's acclaimed taste is achieved by honoring traditional Neapolitan methods dating back 200 years.

Trillby & Chadwick's exotic oasis, Shady Palms by Trillby & Chadwick (11:00-23:00), will bring the dominating Tiki trend to Senate Square. They will offer meticulously crafted Tiki classics and non-alcoholic Tiki mocktails, inspired by the flavors and aesthetics of tropical islands.

Helsinki City Spaces Ltd. has previously created summer terraces on Senate Square in 2020 and Kasarmitori Square in 2021. In recent years, large terrace projects have faced challenges mainly due to the high costs of infrastructure development.

"I'm excited that Torikorttelit's own restaurants have the opportunity to try out new concepts in a familiar environment. The terrace doesn't require extensive infrastructure construction; instead, it utilizes the adjacent restaurants' own kitchens, as well as restroom and social facilities. Additionally, locating the terrace on the edge of the square leaves the main area open for various summer events," says Peggy Bauer, CEO of Helsinki City Spaces, highlighting the benefits of this terrace solution.

Visitors to Senate Square can now enjoy a delightful culinary experience while taking in the beauty of the surroundings. The Torikorttelit summer terrace promises to be a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike, offering a diverse range of flavors and atmospheres to savor during the summer months.