A summer terrace for the restaurants of Torikorttelit will be built on the side of Senate Square in July. Photo: Camilla Bloom, Helsinki City Spaces Ltd.

Eat and Drink

The restaurant operators of Torikorttelit are joining forces to open a summer terrace on the side of Senate Square in July. The terrace will feature four different restaurant concepts, offering a variety of summer food and drink options. With a seating capacity of 410, the terrace aims to bring a vibrant atmosphere to the heart of Helsinki.

The initiative to establish the summer terrace on Senate Square has been met with enthusiasm from Torikorttelit's restaurant operators.

By pooling their resources, they aim to create a bustling summer environment in one of Helsinki's prime locations. Peggy Bauer, the CEO of Helsinki City Spaces Ltd., expresses her delight at this collaborative venture.

This expansion of the restaurant terraces in Torikorttelit involves extending the terrace areas across Aleksanterinkatu to the edge of the square. The city's terrace guidelines now allow restaurants to set up terraces in nearby parks or squares, rather than being limited to the immediate vicinity of the restaurant premises.

Since the participating restaurants are already located in Torikorttelit, there is no need for extensive infrastructure construction on the square itself. The terrace can make use of the adjacent restaurants' kitchens, restroom facilities, and social spaces. Additionally, positioning the terrace on the edge of the square allows for greater flexibility in organizing various summer events on the open square.

Helsinki City Spaces Ltd. has previously facilitated the creation of summer terraces on Senate Square in 2020 and Kasarmitori Square in 2021. In recent years, large-scale terrace projects have faced challenges primarily due to the high costs associated with infrastructure development.

The four participating restaurants in Torikorttelit's summer terrace venture are Sofia Helsinki, Pizzeria Via Tribunali, Valkoinen Sali, and Trillby & Chadwick. The terrace will be open from breakfast to lunch and from after-work gatherings to evening get-togethers. Visitors can indulge in a range of summer dishes, from new potatoes to pizza and Baobao steamed buns. The beverage selection will include beer, wine, mocktails, champagne, as well as trendy tropical tiki classics like Piña Colada.

The visual design of the terrace area, situated in a culturally significant landscape, is entrusted to WSP Finland. Inspired by Engelin puutarha (Engel's Garden), the design aims to create an oasis amidst Engel's architectural heritage.

Construction is scheduled to commence on July 3rd, with the terrace opening on July 7th. The terrace is expected to remain open until August 27th, providing locals and visitors with a unique opportunity to enjoy summer, good food, and drinks in Helsinki's most beautiful setting.

The collaborative effort of Torikorttelit's restaurant operators to establish a summer terrace on the edge of Senate Square brings a vibrant and engaging experience to Helsinki's city center. With a diverse range of culinary offerings and a stunning visual design, the terrace promises to be a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike.