Restaurant Palace, located on the southern shore of Helsinki was chosen as Finland's best restaurant for the fourth consecutive time. Photo: Andres Teiss

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Ravintola Palace in Helsinki has been named Finland's best restaurant for the fourth consecutive year. The restaurant industry professionals voted Palace as the winner of Finland's 50 Best Restaurants list. BasBas from Helsinki was ranked second, and Kaskis from Turku was third.

All of the top 10 restaurants on the list were located in Helsinki, including Bistro Bardot, Vinkkeli, Luovuus kukkii kaaoksesta, Savoy, Grön, Café Savoy, and Alexanderplats.

The awards were announced at the Spring Fair, which took place at the Helsinki Exhibition Centre on March 30th.

Helena Puolakka, the chef patron of Savoy, was awarded the title of Professional's Professional by the Exhibition Centre. The Estrella Damm beer-sponsored Best Change-Maker award went to chef and restaurateur Kim Mikkola, while Café Savoy was named the newcomer of the year. Luovuus kukkii kaaoksesta won the award for Most Innovative Restaurant.

The annual Finland's 50 Best Restaurants list and survey are conducted by Viisi Tähteä, a media company that covers the hospitality industry. The main partner of the survey is the Helsinki Exhibition Centre. Other partners include Wihuri Metro-tukku, the Quandoo reservation system, and Estrella Damm beer.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and political decisions were evident in the survey results. Helsinki reinforced its position on the list, with 33 of the top 50 restaurants located there, compared to only 17 from other parts of Finland. The number of restaurants from outside the capital on the list has decreased compared to last year, which Rislakki attributes to the pandemic and the resulting challenges that restaurateurs have faced.

The results also reflected a breakdown in the sense of community that used to exist in the industry, with restaurants competing against each other to attract staff. "There's no end in sight for this. Thanks to the government, officials, and the media who repeated their message that restaurants were at the heart of the pandemic problem, an entire industry was demonized without any evidence," Rislakki said.

This year's list also saw Tampere win the traditional Turku vs. Tampere battle, with six restaurants from Tampere making the list compared to five from Turku.

Nearly 400 hospitality professionals from across the country participated in the survey, which is considered the most significant restaurant list in Finland. The voters had to justify their choices of the five best restaurants they suggested for the list and name the winners in eight different categories. Their identities are not disclosed, but they represent the top tier of the Finnish restaurant world.

The list highlights the restaurants and the people behind them, including their dedication to their craft, ideas, expertise, food culture, service, business acumen, philosophy, creativity, and design management. It evaluates the restaurants' concept, service, food and drink, experience, and ambiance more rigorously than consumers do.

Detailed comments on each of the top 50 restaurants can be found on the Viisi Tähteä website. The restaurants that made it to the 51-100 spots are also listed on the website.

Finland’s 50 best restaurants in 2023

  1. Palace, Helsinki
  2. BasBas, Helsinki
  3. Kaskis, Turku
  4. Bistro Bardot, Helsinki
  5. Vinkkeli, Helsinki
  6. Luovuus kukkii kaaoksesta, Helsinki
  7. Savoy, Helsinki
  8. Grön, Helsinki
  9. Café Savoy, Helsinki
  10. Alexanderplats, Helsinki
  11. Boulevard Bar & Seafood, Helsinki
  12. Olo, Helsinki
  13. Finnjävel Salonki & Sali, Helsinki
  14. Kuurna, Helsinki
  15. Muru, Helsinki
  16. Bona Fide, Helsinki
  17. Nolla, Helsinki
  18. Kajo, Tampere
  19. Brasa, Helsinki
  20. Demo, Helsinki
  21. Mami, Turku
  22. Smör, Turku
  23. Pastis, Helsinki
  24. Elm, Helsinki
  25. Mat Distrikt, Helsinki
  26. SicaPelle, Porvoo
  27. Wellamo, Helsinki
  28. Ravinteli Huber, Tampere
  29. Nokka, Helsinki
  30. Paulette, Helsinki
  31. Kosmos, Helsinki
  32. Albina, Helsinki
  33. Hella ja Huone, Tampere
  34. Aito, Helsinki
  35. Aanaar, Inari
  36. Ego, Helsinki
  37. Kakolanruusu, Turku
  38. Vår, Porvoo
  39. Fiasco?, Helsinki
  40. Bistro O Mat Tapiola, Espoo
  41. LiV, Tampere
  42. Ravinteli Bertha, Tampere
  43. Lily Lee, Helsinki
  44. Plein, Helsinki
  45. Spis, Turku
  46. Apaja, Tampere
  47. Roux, Lahti
  48. Ragu, Helsinki
  49. Paakari, Kangasala
  50. Viinibaari Apotek, Helsinki

Finland's 50 Best Restaurants -voting winners

2023 Palace, Helsinki

2022 Palace, Helsinki

2021 Palace, Helsinki

2020 Palace, Helsinki

2019 Grön, Helsinki

2018 Grön, Helsinki

2012 Olo, Helsinki

2011 Farang, Helsinki

2010 Chez Dominique, Helsinki

2009 Chez Dominique, Helsinki

2008 Chez Dominique, Helsinki

2007 Chez Dominique, Helsinki

2006 Chez Dominique, Helsinki

2005 Chez Dominique, Helsinki

2004 Chez Dominique, Helsinki