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Big Mac was the bottom of the pile when Americans picked their favourite hamburgers.The Big Mac was at the bottom of the pile when Americans were asked to list their favourite hamburgers, reveals a fast food survey by the Consumer Reports magazine.

The magazine received more than 53,000 reviews of hamburgers, with the respondents scoring the signature dishes of 21 different fast food chains on a scale from 1 to 10.

Receiving a total score of 5.8, McDonald's Big Mac came in last.

Beside hamburgers, the survey also included other fast foods, with global giants doing badly also in other categories.

World famous for its fried chicken meals, KFC took the wooden spoon for chicken dishes. Taco Bell did not fare any better in the category for burritos, while the sandwich chain Subway only just managed to avoid a similar fate by finishing last but one.

The survey also revealed that when deciding on an eatery the quality of the food matters more than a handy location.

This may explain why fast food chains, despite having restaurants in numerous locations, failed to receive top scores.

Americans are spending more money on eating out than ever before but have also become more selective when it comes to the quality of the food and want to have more variety.

Johanna Mitjonen – HS
Niina Woolley – HT
Image: Mitro Härkönen